Retain Control of your Data, Your Data Your Way, Eliminate Vendor Lock-In, Lower Cost with Predictable Pricing

Safely transport and store data at flat rates with no egress fees and experience geographically distributed data protection with multiple data replication.

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RStor helps TDK lower their cloud storage costs and lower their backup solution licensing costs.

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RStor helps customers save up to 80% off traditional storage while eliminating variable costs, vendor lock-in, and regionality, as well as providing customers the ability to use multiple cloud service providers without egress fees.

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Connect customers, Co-Lo facilities, CSPs and SaaS providers seamlessly and simply.



Eliminate both cloud service provider regionality and locked-in costs.



Faster data transfer, Faster implementation, Faster time to market.

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RStor’s fast access and lightning-quick geo-dispersed storage distribution provides faster workflows and disaster recovery at some of the lowest price points in the industry.

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