RStor Multicloud Platform:
The Fabric for Enterprise Performance Computing

☁️ above the cloud

We helped to build the cloud.

Now we are giving control back to users.

The story

Customers told us they wanted flexibility in how to manage their IT assets, on premise and across cloud environments. Current approaches were delivering more disappointments than positive business outcomes. We listened and built the RStor Multicloud Platform, an entirely new way to secure, connect and orchestrate resources for Enterprise Performance Computing.


We liked having control of our own data centers, and some of the agile capabilities from AWS, Azure, and Google – but not their prices. Workload requirements are changing to support AI, ML, Deep Learning. Our business partners asked how they could optimize their compute resources, cloud vendors, and also securely access capabilities from important institutions like the San Diego and Pittsburgh Super Computing Centers, in an easy to consume manner.

We thought it was a great idea to aggregate all of the computing resources on the planet together, so we are working on that too. We call it Enterprise Performance Computing.


We have built a game-changing, low-latency, high bandwidth fabric that makes far-flung locations like LA and London near neighbors.

The network delivers superior performance with data transfer speeds up to 30x faster than traditional models. Additionally, our new architectural pattern brings computational resources to where data lives, eliminating the need for complex data replication.


Radically new approaches to networking, storage and compute requires new thinking about how to manage those valuable assets. Asking customers to abandon their investments in administration, governance and threat mitigation would never work. So we built an orchestration capability that works with virtual machines, containers and easily integrates with capabilities from VMware and Kubernetes.

This was hard to get right but then we added deep analytics, job matching algorithms and some machine learning magic.

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