It’s time to rethink the Internet. It’s time for Internet 3.0

Today, we’re proud to announce RStor, a hyper-distributed multicloud platform that enables organizations to compute, connect, and operate above the cloud. The RStor Multicloud Platform™ is the first of its kind to aggregate and automate compute resources from private data centers, public cloud providers, and trusted supercomputing centers on a next generation networking fabric. With RStor, customers have a single pane of visibility into their computing and can determine the most efficient and cost-effective path for running and executing workloads.

Starting today, the RStor Multicloud Platform™ is available in Preview. We’ve also partnered with data center company Equinix, and our services are available today to Equinix’s customers in San Jose, CA, Ashburn, VA, and in the United Kingdom, with expansion soon to follow in Hong Kong, Singapore and Brazil. Read more in our press release.

Gio Coglitore

Gio Coglitore

Founder & CEO

Above the Cloud

Having founded Rackable Systems, I saw up close the rapid evolution of data center hardware. As we delivered custom server designs to the likes of Google, AWS, and Microsoft, it became clear that this new generation of companies needed different systems to run their ever-growing services in the cloud. Fast forward to Facebook, the Open Compute Project, and Sony, where my work focused on streamlined designs to help these organizations scale quickly and efficiently. With Facebook and OCP, in particular, I witnessed firsthand the industry gains that come from breaking open the black box of proprietary IT infrastructure to achieve greater choice and cost savings.

I see the same hunger for disruption happening in an area I call Enterprise Performance Computing – where high performance computing meets the enterprise. As businesses invest in AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics, they need EPC resources to support those applications and manage highly distributed infrastructures. Yet these multicloud environments entail disparate systems, vendor lock-in, and computing infrastructure that exists far from the sources of data.

What if we could change all that? What if we could securely connect all of the world’s computing resources, so that computing can be consumed on demand and provide analytics for cost-savings and performance? And what if we could do it with a low-latency fabric that eliminates the distance between the outer edges of where data is created to where it will eventually be processed?


Building a New Internet

We set out to do that with the RStor Multicloud Platform™. Available today, it includes three foundational services:


By using RStor, customers have a single view into their available computing resources, whether that be an idle server in the back of the remote data center; reserved instances not being used in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure; and easy access to the millions of core hours  in major supercomputing centers. RStor’s goal is to convert any x86, GPU, Power PC and ARM into a cloud node. It has partnered with several supercomputing facilities including San Diego Supercomputer Center, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, the New Mexico Consortium and Texas Advanced Computing Center as part of its offering.


Central to the RStor Multicloud Platform™ is the company’s low-latency, high-bandwidth network fabric connecting computing resources to quickly and reliably move large data sets, while offering predictable performance and pricing. The same network can also be used to move computing power closer to where data lives. By leveraging advanced protocols RStor is delivering performance that is up to 30x faster than industry standards.


Using machine learning and analytics, the RStor Multicloud Platform™ automates and matches workloads with the right computing resources between on-premise, public cloud, and supercomputing centers. Its analytics characterize the cost and performance attributes of each cloud provider and deployment platform to provide guided selection and automated workload placement based on customer-specified governance criteria. As part of the platform, RStor has launched the first multicloud app store with popular open source apps that any Singularity or Docker container can use, including TensorFlow, OpenFOAM, and dozens of others.

Together, these services form a multicloud platform that customers are already using to compute, connect, and orchestrate above the cloud. RStor has also developed Data Lake, an enterprise storage service built on top of the network layer and located at the edge of the cloud. This enables organizations to make their data securely accessible to on-premise IT, public clouds and supercomputing centers.

Open for Business

This launch is a culmination of many months of hard work, and we’re proud of what the team has accomplished in a short period of time. Our team hails from Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, VMware, AWS, EMC, Yahoo, Google, Dropbox and Sony. Together we bring a unique background that blends deep hardware, software and cloud expertise.

The company has raised $45 million in a series A funding round, led by Cisco Investments. Read more in our press release.

RStor Multicloud Platform™ is currently in Preview. We are working with companies of all sizes and in different industry verticals.

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