About us

We helped to build the cloud.

Now we are giving control back to users.

RStor is led by senior executives from some of the most important brands in cloud computing and enterprise technology. The founding team created Rackable, the hardware provider of choice for leading hyperscale environments. Later, after constructing the infrastructure for Facebook, the team built a successful data storage company – Optical Archive Inc. and later sold the company to Sony.

At RStor, we are innovating on behalf of customers to deliver efficient, secure and easy to use cloud computing capabilities.
The RStor Multicloud Platform is an entirely new way to Secure, Connect and Orchestrate resources for Enterprise Performance Computing.

Executive Team

Giovanni Coglitore

Founder & CEO

Giovanni Coglitore is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of RStor. Prior to founding RStor in 2017, he was the Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Optical Archive Inc. which was acquired by Sony Corporation of America in 2015. From 2010-2015 Giovanni was part of the pre-IPO team at Facebook, running Facebook Labs and the Hardware Engineering Team that developed the Open Compute designs that are currently being used to run Facebook. In 1999 he co-founded Rackable Systems, a pioneer in Hyperscale Server, Storage and Data Center designs which had its IPO in 2005. Rackable Systems acquired Silicon Graphics Inc. in 2009 and the combined entity was subsequently sold to Hewlett Packard Inc. in 2016. From 1992-1999 Giovanni also served as co-founder and General Partner of International Computing Systems (ICS). He is the proud father of two and holds a B.A. from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Max Alt

Vice President, Software Engineering

Matteo Daste

General Counsel

Jonathan Dooley

Chief Financial Officer

Nikolai Gallo

Chief Operating Officer

Tony Gaughan

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Timothy Harder

General Manager

John Kenevey

Vice President, Product Management

Roger Levinson

Vice President of ASIC Engineering

Conor Malone

Vice President, Hardware Engineering

Mark Spargo

Vice President, Sales


Vasa Bavic

(Advisory Private Practice)

Ricardo Di Blasio

(Globetouch, Inc.)

Gregory Kurtzer


Michael Porat

(Cisco & Board)

Steve Metz


Steve Mullaney



Faiyaz Ahmed

Bjorn Alm

Javier Alonso

Christopher Ávila

Jesse Barnes

Lito Bejarano

Kristin Carvalho

Albert Chen

Christine Chrisman

Enzo Coglitore

Keith Cunningham

Mayte Davila

Ronald Davis

Juanjo Galan

Luca Gibelli

César Gómez

Danielle Grijalva

Kevin Ho

Alex Hsu

Takeaki Kato

Damian Kowalewski

Javier Lázaro

Rayna Levinson

Bryan Lewis

Gabriel Martín

 John Matze

Rober Morales

Rich Radin

Michael Reider

Lielani Rich

Mario Rubiales

Pierluigi Sarti

Larry Seibold

Jorge Sevilla

Ittai Shaked

Fernando Sierra

Paulo Souza

Cesar Suárez

Marcos Vecino

George Yakovlev

Isaac Yonemoto

Maggie Zhang

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