Our Mission is Simple:

Connect the world's computing resources.

Our Story

We believe the cloud service model is broken. So we designed a new way to connect to the cloud, with a new business model.

With senior executives from some of the most important brands in cloud computing and enterprise technology, RStor was founded with the idea to innovate on behalf of customers to deliver efficient, secure, and easy to use cloud computing capabilities.

Our founding team’s history of success includes Rackable, the hardware provider of choice for leading hyper-scale environments. And later, after constructing the infrastructure for Facebook, the team built a successful data storage company – Optical Archive Inc. that was sold to Sony.

The founders of the company are experts on hyperscale from the world’s largest cloud companies and bring their collective experience, knowledge, and ideas to the innovations at RStor.

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Our Executive Team

We helped build the cloud. Now we are giving control back to the users.

Giovanni Coglitore

Founder & CEO

Matteo Daste

General Counsel

Jonathan Dooley

Chief Financial Officer

Nikolai Gallo

Chief Operating Officer

Tony Gaughan

Senior Vice President, Engineering

Timothy Harder

General Manager

John Kenevey

Vice President, Product Management

Conor Malone

Vice President, Hardware Engineering

See it in action.

RStor’s fast access and lightning-quick geo-dispersed distribution provide faster workflows and disaster recovery at some of the lowest price points in the industry.

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