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Whether you support a StartUp, an Enterprise, or a specialized industry, RStor’s platform is designed to provide solutions for your unique concerns. With RStor you can have peace of mind from disruptive reconfigurations and from restrictions or loss of access to data.

RStor for Media and Entertainment

RStor allows fast data loads and regional diversity without sacrificing retrieval speeds when needed for Disaster Recovery in Production.

RStor allows for cost-effective, mid-term storage to meet your requirements on content handling for Disaster Recovery in Post-Production.

RStor unlocks the potential of storing your camera RAW assets in a highly resilient environment as a multi-region staging location, enabling your multi-cloud strategy for transcoding, VFX plating, and even rapid transport of content via regional replication for “Cloud-first” workflows. Download this free practical guide: Moving to the Cloud.

RStor for Enterprise

RStor helps you save money, eliminate variable costs, vendor lock-in, and regionality.

RStor offers a more predictable user experience that optimizes your ability to use multiple cloud service providers without egress fees rather than getting locked into a single provider.

RStor improves performance by optimizing existing hardware resources to maximize available bandwidth to 96% efficiency compared to ~50% efficiency for traditional models.

RStor improves governance while interacting with public clouds and for customers who are seeking to move to the cloud.

RStor for Startups

RStor offers tremendous savings to startups along with the ability to start your business in the cloud or move your operation into the cloud efficiently with predictable prices and no extraneous costs (80% lower than competitors).

RStor makes it easy to move workflows to the cloud.

RStor gives startups full governance of their data with our multi-cloud approach, instead of having your data locked into a single cloud provider.

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RStor’s fast access and lightning-quick geo-dispersed storage distribution provides faster workflows and disaster recovery at some of the lowest price points in the industry.

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