The Enterprise Performance Computing Fabric

Secure, Efficient & Easy to Use

Connect allows Enterprise IT users to reimagine what is possible – supporting efficient disaggregation of compute and storage multicloud workloads.

Connect eliminates barriers of distance and allows our customers to bring data and compute together simply and securely to create information.

Connect is a low-latency, high bandwidth network between private data centers, public cloud service providers and the RStor Multicloud Platform. It allows users to easily move large data sets with predictable performance and pricing.

On top of this game-changing fabric, we built a hyper-distributed Enterprise Data Storage service.

RStor Multicloud Platform Storage resources are physically located inside Equinix colocation facilities at the Cloud Edge, external from CSP’s, Supercomputing Centers and Enterprise customers – but providing secure access to each resource pool.

We think about this as the next generation hybrid cloud topology and we’re hearing from customers who are ingesting and collecting a significant amount of data at the cloud edge. This has precipitated the need to locate compute resources at the edge, but with a critical requirement for centrally storing and consolidating the data from those resources in an easy to consume way.

This is because Enterprises need to use those information resources themselves and make them available to development partners and supply chain partners who may have a need to access just some portion or just some subset of their data elements and, of course, they need to do it in a simple, secure and efficient way.

Legacy Fabrics Under-Utilize WAN Resources

Legacy data transport systems – legacy fabrics – focus too much attention on the data and not enough on the WAN. The prevailing philosophy is that if you cannot move the data ‘As Is’ then you have no choice but to either find ways to reduce the volume of the data (e.g. by compression) or break up your files into smaller pieces.

The problem with this approach is that pre-processing of data takes time, impacts compute resources and significantly delays access to information. And – it doesn’t always work. Not all data can be compressed or de-duped – in fact these techniques will often not work for JPEG/MPEG or encrypted data and attempts to over-manipulate these classes of data will often result in a loss of integrity and data corruption.

Legacy Fabrics Under-Utilize WAN Resources

Above all – squeezing the data to fit the pipe simply does not address the “real” reasons why large datasets cannot be moved efficiently – which is that the WAN is being under-utilized.

RStor Connect gives you LAN performance over WAN distances

RStor Connect uses a capability to extend local area network techniques into the very long distance. This allows you to move the entire dataset ‘as is’ – there is no pre-processing required, no computational resources required at the edge, and there is immediate access to the information.

RStor Connect can take advantage of encryption, take advantage of using original content without making any modifications for compress or deduplication – and in addition, Connect uses a novel method that allows us to provide remote direct access to the data without having to move it first, eliminating the chokepoint of the architecture and maximizing the potential of the WAN.

What that means is that Connect eliminates most of the overhead that is typically associated with TCP/IP – the real WAN choke-point, taking up almost three-quarters or more of a networking circuit’s capacity – and flips that around by inverting that model, so that most of the long-haul WAN circuit is now used for data, as opposed to message related cross-traffic.

Transfer 1 TB from San Francisco to Singapore in just 15 minutes

Connect provides a dramatic reduction in transfer times versus standard TCP/IP data transfer rates, without requiring any network changes.
Connect supports ‘remote mount’ which allows local users to access and edit remote data without transferring it – even at extreme latencies.

Connect enables safe, secure, replication and provides an environment that fosters easy collaboration between widely separated users who need to access the same pools of data.
Connect provides major business advantages in terms of both the volume of data and speed at which it can be moved.

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