The Enterprise Performance Computing Portal

Secure, Efficient & Easy to Use

Orchestrate powers the Enterprise Performance Computing data center of the future.

Orchestrate gives organizations a private, secure and efficient way to manage their enterprise performance computing workloads, using their own on-premise systems, alone or in combination with any public cloud service, to deliver their business outcomes.

Orchestrate provides easy, safe, secure, access to several ‘Top 500’ Supercomputer centers, to boost available enterprise performance compute resources, as and when required for your most demanding workloads.

Orchestrate also makes it easy to share workloads, data, and computing resources with selected enterprise partners, when organizations choose to work together on collaborative projects.

Orchestrate brings you these benefits

Increased price/performance efficiency

Through better matching of workloads to resources. Orchestrate containers capture real-time execution performance metadata, from every single job run, which is used to develop intelligent recommendations about where to run and where to place code and data resources, within the Orchestrate network.

The right amount of computing power

Today’s organizations need the right amount of computing power. Under-capacity can seriously impair the ability to fulfill their mission but investing in too much hardware is inefficient and expensive.
Orchestrate lets companies, academic institutions, and government agencies seamlessly scale their operations and securely share and balance computing capacity as needed.
Orchestrate allows organizations to use the fastest possible data centers, when required, without the time and expense of upgrading their systems – it also allows them to easily monetize unused system capacity when they choose to.

Less devops disruption due to tool changes

Orchestrate containers carry with them their own libraries, tools and standard operating system versions. These containers are not impacted by changes to the compute environment in which they are executed.

Enterprise – Bring Your Own Compute

Orchestrate allows global enterprises to virtually consolidate their diverse, multi-location computing resources into a single seamless on-premises cloud – leading to increased operational efficiency and greatly increased ease of use.

Professional – Bring Your Own Workload

Orchestrate provides access to an extensive, trusted network of diverse resources, including storage and compute, and a range of popular open source and proprietary Singularity™ encapsulated applications. Create your own community of like-minded researchers, and use Orchestrate for close collaborations, and repeatable science. at scale.

Orchestrate brings advanced features to Enterprise Performance Computing

Clusters and Queues

Access public service cloud resources, Supercomputer center clusters, and your own in-house resources directly, consistently, and easily from within Orchestrate. You’ll find a variety of different hardware, including the latest GPU nodes, with fast IB interconnects. Orchestrate gives you metered ‘pay as you use’ access to ‘burst out’ capacity, from one node to hundreds. Add partner resources for more seamless collaboration effort

Virtual Data Centers

With Orchestrate you can create your own virtual datacenter, to simplify job management even further. Make your selection of the queues you want to use for a given type of workload – and leave the final choice to Orchestrate, to match your requirements to available resources.

Computing Portability

Use Orchestrate to easily move your complex encapsulated workloads to other computing resources without worrying about tool versions, libraries or different operating systems. Create once, run anywhere.

Performance Prediction and Ranking

Orchestrate uses telemetering to monitor the performance of every job and provides real-time alerts and reports on any abnormalities. Orchestrate uses this performance data to optimally align workloads to resources and can make recommendations for job placement, to match user criteria such as cost or time to completion.

Secure, Auditable Computing

Access or create signed, encrypted, secure Singularity™ containers directly from within Orchestrate. Keep your data and code completely secure and inaccessible. Maintain a permanent audit trail of all your workload transactions.

Application Marketplace

Easily find a variety of Singularity™ containerized applications ready for your use in the Orchestrate application marketplace. The rapidly growing marketplace contains popular open source apps, proprietary apps, and encapsulated complex workflow apps, like TensorFlow.

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