The RStor Multicloud Platform with Singularity™ Container Technology

Secure, Efficient & Easy to Use

Enterprise Performance Computing converges architectures that were once the domain of High Performance Computing with the Enterprise.

We believe the legacy, hyperscale, hyper-consolidated cloud service models are outdated and due for disruption. New business models and applications like IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Real Time analytics run better in a distributed manner. This macro shift, that we call Enterprise Performance Computing (EPC) is just starting.

We have developed a new way to securely access the power of supercomputers, cloud service providers, and on-premise equipment in an easy to use manner.

Our goal is to use any X86, GPU, Power or ARM as a cloud node.

Resource Provider Organizations

In order to realize this goal, we needed to build two specific sets of capabilities:


A mechanism whereby applications and data can run on dissimilar platforms.


A mechanism to securely convert underutilized resources into a hyper-distributed cloud.

RStor aggregates containers into a hyper-distributed infrastructure.

To run applications and data across dissimilar platforms, we have elected to use a containerization approach. The preferred approach for Enterprise Performance Computing is to use Singularity containers. We believe strongly in the technology and the team built around Singularity.





Ease of Use

In order to convert underutilized resources into a hyper-distributed cloud, we leverage the RStor Multicloud Platform for workload isolation and to greatly improve productivity:

Resource Publishing



Queue Management

Virtual Data Centers

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