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Fast, edge-distributed object storage

Innovative. Flexible. Efficient.

RSTOR Space is simply the best cloud storage solution you will ever find.

Have you ever read a product page that didn’t brag about itself? We are not about flowery language, big promises and vague support. What we are is focused on you and your needs. That’s why we created RSTOR Space, a storage solution so advanced and disruptive that there really is no comparison.

Your Needs

Our Solutions
Fast Object Storage

By optimizing every part of the rack and server design we can deliver object data to your compute up to 10x faster than other cloud service providers.

Storage for a Multi-Cloud World

RSTOR interconnects with all the major cloud service providers with fast direct connects so your data can be available whichever compute service you use. You can switch to RSTOR Space and point your AWS, Azure, Google or private cloud applications to it in minutes.

Highly Resilient and Protected Data

Automatic data replication within each data center and one click access to 1, 2 or 3 geo dispersed replicas of your data,  giving you up to 99.999999999 (eleven 9’s) of data durability

Automatic Data Distribution

Data superpositioning automatically moves your data to the closest compute whenever/wherever needed

Free Access to My Data

No charges for ingress, egress, data access, data movement or fees to call our APIs

What’s Not Included…


Fees for Data Access

Highly resilient data storage that’s up to 10 times faster than other major cloud service providers


Fees for Data Movement

No fees for ingress, egress, intra-region transfers or use of network to move your data around.


A Math PhD

Same price ($0.0045 per GB per month) in all regions makes it easy to forecast and control costs.

You need your storage to be fast, you need it to be local, and you need it to be highly resilient. To do this, we started from the ground up to create a better storage option. The result: we have disrupted the technology, the architecture and the business model to better meet your needs.


We innovated all the way down to the rack design, the cooling and the data connections between the equipment to create lightning fast Object Storage that is up to 24 times faster than Amazon S3. 

RSTOR’s replication systems constantly ensure your data is preserved, with automated syncronization to geographically diverse regions gives 9.99999999999 (eleven (9s) of data durability.


RSTOR Space is unique because it is distributed throughout our network. You can pick to keep all of your data in one region like other clouds, or you can distribute data copies between RSTOR regions and we’ll automatically duplicate it to keep those copies in perfect synchronization. If you prefer, you can deploy using our exclusive data superpositioning technology to distribute your data automatically for you wherever you need to access it.

Business Model

RSTOR doesn’t charge for ingress, egress, data access, data movement or API fees. This means you can move your data whenever you want and use our superfast network to do it at no extra cost. With RSTOR you don’t need to store all your data in one region and you shouldn’t feel trapped that you can’t move it. Only RSTOR’s unique combination of technology, architecture and business model lets you fragment and distribute your data around the world without being charged extra fees – try doing that with your current CSP.

Take Back Control of Your Data

Where is Space?

Space is everywhere. It surrounds us. RSTOR Space is currently in these locations, but we’re adding new POPs all the time, so keep checking back in.

RSTOR locations map


RSTOR makes your applications and databases run faster. By co-locating with the major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), RSTOR Space enables you to use compute, database or serverless functions from your CSP but switch to RSTOR Space for storage. Your applications and databases will run faster but without any of the egress charges from the other guys. RSTOR Space is compatible with S3 object protocols – simply redirect your application to your RSTOR bucket and watch it go.


RSTOR Space is co-located in major cities with Equinix, Coresite, and Interxion so you can cross connect with ease to our storage and on to our backbone for transfers between cities.

You Need Space to Store, Innovate & Grow


RSTOR provides comprehensive APIs for your applications to read and write directly to your Space. You can also use your preferred S3 management console or our comprehensive web GUI to provision and manage your buckets.

Customer Success Stories

Smule Customer Success Story

RSTOR Space service allows Smule to securely store, retrieve and retain control over their data.

TDK Customer Success Story

InvenSense required a single region free cloud offering with predictable costs to support S3 backups.

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