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RStor Overview

RStor provides the highest performance cloud storage at the lowest cost to make your most demanding data workflows fast, secure, and scalable.

Our flagship product RStorage gives you all of the benefits of cloud storage without vendor lock-in or product complexity. RStorage pricing is based purely on the volume of data stored and the number of replications of that data. There are no ingress, egress, or API charges.

RWave is a solution that minimizes the impact of latency and improves data transfer at drastically increased speeds. This multi-cloud backbone service maximizes the utilization of existing bandwidth and improves transport rates for data between public cloud and private data centers.

Smule Customer Success Story

RStorage service allows Smule to securely store, retrieve and retain control over their data.

TDK InvenSense Customer Success Story

InvenSense required a single region free cloud offering with predictable costs to support S3 backups.


Additional Publications

Tape to Cloud

A secure way to migrate mainframe workloads to the Cloud.

Moving to the Cloud Whitepaper

A practical migration guide for Video Production, VFX and Post-Production Operations.

See it in action.

RStor’s fast access and lightning-quick geo-dispersed storage distribution provides faster workflows and disaster recovery at some of the lowest price points in the industry.

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