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On our RStor journey, we continue to evolve as engineers, network architects, designers, and businesspeople honing our collective crafts. The RStor network is a celebration of us drawing and reflecting on our collective years and experiences building the finest and most advanced networks in the world.

Our partners are reshaping the enterprise landscape with creativity, innovation and best-of-breed technology. Leaders in their fields, they share a common goal: to help our joint customers deliver business engagements and service experiences that are more cost-effective, higher-performing, more personalized, more engaging and more profitable.

Why Partner With RStor?

Growth, Reward, Support – Healthy margins, sales tools, and co-brandable, customizable marketing resources help you identify existing opportunities and generate new business
Predictable, Recurring Revenue – High customer satisfaction is our priority at RStor with the goal of having customers renew year after year
Competitive Advantage – Proven next-generation RStor storage
solutions and our highspeed intelligent fabric give partners a competitive edge by delivering intelligent storage.
Improved Productivity & Uptime – RStor solutions are made
operational quickly, run alongside other solutions, and are optimized for cloud-first workflow environments.
Easy to Support – RStor’s “agnostic middle” cloud-based storage
connected via a highspeed intelligent fabric means your customers never have to wait for backup, replication, or restore.

“We believe RStor’s cost-effective option will solve a critical problem facing our customers by bringing together resilient, secure high-performance storage from RStor, enabling multi-cloud workflows to change the way productions manage the impact of data gravity in their workflows. That – in combination with FastLane’s unparalleled, private superhighway to the cloud – gives customers a powerful solution at an affordable price.”

Chuck Parker, CEO,

Our Partners

Building a World Class Partner Ecosystem

Cambridge Computer
BridgePointeSTN inc.
PacketfabricSycompmoonwalkEclusive Networks

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RStor’s fast access and lightning-quick geo-dispersed storage distribution provides faster workflows and disaster recovery at some of the lowest price points in the industry.

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